an OLD file, about my mind

reader, suddenly, I remember this file,
because it was my first time to tell my thought using English,
can you believe it?
and it’s very unstructured,
what a shame
hahhaha.. =D

here it is :

24 February 2008

What makes me feel so wrong?
That’s because I kept in mind that everybody has the same way of thinking just like me, I see the world as a straight line, in a parallel line, so I feel that everything should be the same like what I thought.
That was a big mistake. I felt tired fast.

I open up my mind, now.
I’ll try to see the world in a different way, from different side, so I can get a better point of view.
Because, I do realize, perhaps just now, everybody is different. Nothing is the same, in this really big and unique universe, so does people.

I am a special person, I am unique, I am just what I am, nobody has the same things as I have, and nobody is truly similar with me, so I am different. Everything I do, that’s the way I do, nobody can put a blame in what I do. Because, that’s what I am.

OK! Perhaps, I can’t be like what they want, what he wants, what she wants, but I can be what I want.
That’s the point.
I need to be myself, I don’t really know who I am, so I have to pass all the way in front of me to get through my way indeed.
I can’t be what you want, all of you, have your own hope, wishes, dream, wonder, everything in your mind, we are different, at any sides, so it’s better for you not to think that you can make me become what you want. Become someone you look should be perfect if like this bla bla bla, because I walk on my way, I have my own opinion about what should the things look like. None of your business.

Yeah, that’s all reader,
what do you think, huh?
such an emotional feeling/thought?
that’s me,
hhehe ^_^v

and…you know what, till now, I’m still working on it,
I mean, trying to see the world in a different way, from different side, so I can get a better point of view.
because sometimes, I lost my objective side, and I see everything by the feeling, only from my side,
so, yeah…I’m learning to hear, to feel, to think, and finally I will understand, all the things that God send to fill my life.

it’s beautiful, very beautiful, indeed.



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