reasons why I wanna go abroad

Hey reader..
long time no post, huh?
not really, I wrote something two days ago..if you read it,
and today, I’d like to write something, using English,

because it’s about ‘go abroad’
and it means, using English as a universal language is needed..

OK, here we go..

some people want to go abroad because,
they want to have a vacation,
they want to learn,
they want to enjoy something new outside their home country,
and for me,

I want to go abroad, because…

I really want to find the feeling, a strong one,
about be a Muslim in a non-Muslim majority countries.


that’s a good question, hhehe..

the reason is I’m so proud be a Muslim
but I feel, it’s not enough
I read stories in some sites, such as,, and
then I feel, WOW!!
Muslim are everywhere,
Islam is really a universal religion,
we’re all the same, except our taqwa.

I read stories about how my brother and sister in Islam,
fight for their right, for their place of worship, for Masjid,
they build a life in Masjid,
they build a brotherhood through Islam, in Masjid,
it’s awesome,
they are struggling to stay in Islam, be a Muslim,
fight for their religion, their faith, even when they are rejected from their family, their workplace, their friends, their country.
I do appreciate it.

and, I feel, I’m not that strong,
I’m not that consistent,
I need to know something more about my very beautiful religion, ISLAM.

when I was a student in junior high school,
I want to go to Italy,
because there’s Del Piero, my favorite football player at that time,
he play for Juventus, yeah, the dream of adolescence,
and now, I still want to go to Italy,
then I want to go to USA,
to Europe,
to China,
to Australia,
feel the Muslim bond there…
in non-Muslim majority countries,
by becoming a broadcaster, a writer, or perhaps a lecturer.
so inshAllah I will get that strong feeling, be a Muslim, outside-inside.
but first of all, I have to graduate from this Institute,
my lovely college, Institut Manajemen Telkom (IM Telkom),
thanks for Keluarga Muslim Institut Mananajemen Telkom (GAMUS IM Telkom),
they bring something new to my mind about living the way of Islam in Indonesia, umm no, maybe in Java, West Java.

Yap, that’s the main reason why I wanna go abroad,
so, want to be my donatur or hire me to broadcast in abroad? ^_^v

thanks for your time read this post,
may Allah always bless your step,
see you ^_^b

P.S. :
I had never been on an airplane, and I had a dream, one day I’ll get on a plane flying with other people financed, other than my parents. =)


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