It’s Cheesecake, CIZZ!

Hola Reader…
I hope you have a good weekend ^_^/

I’d like to share my latest story
I went to Laswi Street No. 1A Bandung with my dearest people, yesterday…
Friday, 7th January 2011.
We went to a cake shop named CIZZ,
its tagline is CIZZ cheesecake & friends

We bought some pieces of cheesecake
a piece of it cost Rp. 16.000,-

I ate the strawberry cheesecake, its diameter is about 6 cm, so does its height.
Take a look, really nice, isn’t it? yes, it’s yummy and delicious..
I’m pretty sure if you are a cheese-holic
you gonna love it!

~The Strawberry Cheesecake~

So, you wanna try? Why don’t you try?
Have a nice try d^_^b

you can see some pictures here CIZZ Friendster


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