World, Feel, Fana.

Dear paper,
this is the time when I really want to scream out loud!
I don’t really know, why should I?

maybe because everything seems not good inside of me.
almost everything. actually, it’s not a proper sentence to show what I really feel
but, that’s it.

I do miss my home, my mom, my dad, my brother, my self.
I do need time machine, bring me back to my early age.
I really need to know, what am I? who am I?
such an annoying thought. indeed.

sorry if I bother you,
it’s my way out from the crazy emotion inside my head.
I can’t scream out loud,
so I write it down.

good girls gone mad, crazy, lost, nowhere.
good girls gone dizzy, confuse.

Dear World, you’re so FANA.


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