Graduation Make Up = Make Up Wisuda

Dear Reader!
what a wonderful journey I have,
finally I came to the day, my graduation day!
after graduated on 5th May 2011,
the graduation ceremony was held on 19th Nov 2011,
what a long waiting time, right?!
but, well..I am officially graduated, DONE! 🙂

there is one wonderful thing (from many wonderful things) I love from my graduation,
it is my MAKE UP! why?
It feels GREAT,hhehe.. :p
and I look good, right?
over confidence? Let’s Take a look.. 🙂

Before Graduation Ceremony

how do I look? ^_^
I’d like to share my make up stuffs for this occassion,
well actually I’m not a make up addict,
but this ocassion was very special for me,
because it’s not just graduation ceremony,but also..
hmm,I’ll tell you later ya.. 😉

1. Milk Cleanser + Face Toner : Viva Cucumber
2. Facial Wash : Kelly Lemon Soap
3. Moisturizer + Foundation : Maybelline BB Cream
4. Concealer : Maybelline Concealer Medium-Sand
5. Compact Powder : Pixy UV Whitening Two Way Cake Natural Beige
6. Eye Shadow : La Tulipe No. 01
7. Liquid Eyeliner : Pixy Black Color
8. Mascara : Maybelline Hypercurl Volume Express
9. Blush On : La Tulipe No. 02
10. Lipstick : Wardah Lipstick Exclusive No. 28 Purple Rose
11. Lipgloss : La Tulipe Pink

I am not an expert, I like my make up just because I did it myself,
and it’s look good,
so, here I am..thanks for visiting 😉

Wish Me Luck for a GREAT FUTURE, aamiin!!!

My Inspiration :
Video YouTube – Graduation Tutorial Make Up – Michelle Phan
Video YouTube – Sherina’s Night Make Up Tips – Sherina Munaf

note :
I did nothing to my eyebrows,
because it’s already on a good shape for me 🙂


2 thoughts on “Graduation Make Up = Make Up Wisuda

  1. iya, alis fitri udh bagus, bentuknya rapihh..
    sedangkan aku…. jeng jeng jeng jeng *muka memelas

    masa kata mamaku alisku berantakan…, -____-”
    tp emg iya sih abis kuliat-liat..
    disuruh dirapihin ke salon,
    tp gak mau ah, ntar aja pas nikah.. hehhehehehhe 😀
    *jd curcol. 😀

    1. hhehe..alhamdulillah.. 🙂
      rapiinnya jgn bnyk2 ya Di..
      ntar ngliat tuyul lagi..hhihi.. ;P

      SEMANGAT ah..
      cantik diri, cantik hati, kita banget! hahhaha 😀

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