Well, it’s September

almost a month, since my latest post.
such a long time, hhaha.. 😀

well, actually, there are a lot of things to share,
but, I let it dissapear, without write it down in my note
so, here I am, wordless. em, is that the proper word? :mrgreen:

Reader, it’s september,
what’s your plan? whatever they are, I hope, you plan it well
because, fail in plan, plan to fail
somebody said that 🙂

You know, the most important thing to do,
when you are trying to reach what you want, is moving!
don’t stop.
you may stop for a while, maybe to take some rest,
but, keep going, don’t look back,
you may look back for a while, just to find a way to face the future,
but, keep moving forward.

wherever you will go,
it’s better for you to set the goal in the first place,
so you know exactly where to go,
even if you lost your way somewhere, sometime,
you will give your best effort, to get back on your track,
to find a way back on the right path 🙂

it’s September, the 9th month of a year,
9, 10, 11, 12
see that number,
we’re counting down our deadline,
I know where to go, and it’s you, the one I want to go with.
If we’re meant to be,
we’ll find a way back to our track, to become one.
forever and ever 🙂
Happily Ever After, aamiin.


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